Festivals of the Future
28.07.20 Introducing Festivals of the Future.

The concept behind Festivals of the Future emerged in 2018. At the UK based festival I run, Transform, we were faced with a number of ongoing questions around our sustainability and future model. This included exploring everything from how to work with artists in more embedded and longer-term ways, to the future of international collaboration in the face of a climate disaster, to opening up the festival model to a wider community of citizens through collaborative models and co-creation. As a founder, since establishing the festival I have constantly grappled with how to fund the festival in a more realistic and on-going way, what our relationship with our city at a civic level looks like and represents, and how to ensure our festival is not only able to happen, but has care built into its delivery model in a meaningful way. I was interested, especially from the point of view as a female founder, in asking some of these questions in collaboration with others. I wanted to be able to feel empowered by curious and critical colleagues and exchange with others whilst continuing the journey of developing Transform. Festivals of the Future as a network emerged from this starting point, and has been made possible by the generous insights and willingness of other founders and festival leaders at Take Me Somewhere, Short Theatre, Parallèle and MIR who have further shaped and evolved the aspirations and planned activities of the network. This collaboration would not be possible without the support of Creative Europe. Over the course of the first iteration of the network, each partner will independently facilitate its own process of organisational development, whilst also exchanging and supporting one another through shared experiences and tools, and curatorial and creative collaboration. This space will act as a scrap book to share thoughts, provocations and ideas along the way. Thanks for being present!


Amy Letman
Creative Director – Transform